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Ruian City XinTai Fastener Co.,Ltd.is an enterprise that speciality produced the standard fastener ,Have a history of more than 20 years already,Can be requested by the Industrial Retaining Ringsproduction products. already at the whole country No. every,,, the electron, electrical machinery,etc. enterprise form a complete set and use mechanical electric apparatuses the mines of autonomous region, Well received by consumers. Can also washes and make too all kinds of to mark the products ly according to the request of the drawing for your company at the same time. There are stock for a long time in our company, keep promise, timely delivery guaranteed. 
The technical force of production of our company is rich, the technology is measured self-containedly, it is consummate to design ability of improving, Product quality is reliable .This enterprise has abode by the enterprise theory that" the quality first, the customer is the the highest" firmly since establishing, Perfect the inside mechanism and after-sale service system constantly. This enterprise passes ISO quality authentication of management system of 9001:2000. Take charge of inside management severely, accept and feedback actively, realize benign cycle, Make fine equipment, reciprocate the society. Meet customer's demands it is neither starting point who we work nor too our the terminal points of work at 100%. New Thai people wish with the old and new friend side by side, sincerely cooperate, climb the scientific and technological peak of the fastener trade constantly. 
City of Ruian new Thai limited company of fastener staff wish, It meets the challenges of WTO in new century whether most better battle array develops and develops the best products, As to the mechanical trade highest repayment. 
The Xintan Fastener Company is home of Industrial Retaining Ring brands,Our legacy dates back over 90 years as the originator of Retaining Ring Designs and applications in the china.can provide solutions to your most demanding retaining rings needs.Retaining Rings have:industrial retaining rings、basic intemal retaining rings、Basic extemal retaining rings、Inverted intemal retaining rings、 Inverted extemal retaining rings And "E"-retaining rings. 
The company welcomes to visit and guide, consulted the business before the friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, travelling trader warmly, Probe into and develop the matter of fundamental importance together, in order to set up partnership relation for ever!